how to build raised garden beds

How to Build Raised Garden Beds by Optimizing Your Wall

Garden beds which are raised can give an amazing concept to your gardening experience. Such kind of beds, it is useful for every gardener having limited space for gardening. It is really easy to get for any people with arthritis and the elderly. These beds can be built with a level to reducing pains and aches due to kneeling and bending to the ground in certain time length. How to build raised garden beds becomes an interesting topic to talk in this article.

A Guide to Make Raised Garden Beds with Cements

Raised garden boxes or garden beds are productive and popular gardening methods. The gardeners can produce flowers, vegetables and more plants with the lowest land amount, time and money. If you want to know how to build raised garden beds, we recommend you to try raised beds for the idea. It is so beneficial as a series of tiny pocket gardens, vegetable gardens any kind of wall garden beds. There are relatively permanent and easy to care. How to build a cement wall raised garden beds is basically necessary for your house.

how to build raised garden bedsBuild cement raised garden beds offer you a new idea about how you should manage your area. All of the cement raised comes with cement walls having eight inches of high and four inches of width. They are partly for both durability and practicality. You may sit on the beds and step on the beds while they won’t rot. You can start your project to build raised garden beds in a fenced 35 foot area of width a 55 foot area of length. There will be a cement raised bed with two feet of width and 8 inch of high inside the fence.

With a good start to provide an enough space for growing, you can go to the next step of how to build raised garden beds. If you feel it is not enough for growing space, you can make another bed with two feet wide inside other bed with 100 feet of length and a path with two feet of width between them. You can go ahead and make the next bed in the existing second bed that you have added with 65 feet of length with other path in two feet between them.

By doing some steps before, your project results two tiny beds which are one with 5 by 8 feet, whereas the other is 7 by 9 feet having a beautiful fruit tree placed in the center. You will end up the total area in 1925 feet (square) with 700 feet of growing space within the winding beds in two feet. By the way how to build raised garden beds you may have made a labyrinth.

If you consider to build raised garden beds with cement, you will get the main benefit of it. You can create any shape which you desire on it for your garden walls by using the idea. For your garden design, you will find almost without limitations. By using rebar for holding the sides and flashing (8 inch, 12 inch or higher) together, you add cement and rubble for filling the center, allow it to set up,  remove the metal and rebar and finally you wall project is done.

After you do what we have suggested about how to build raised garden beds, it is important to note your walls must be 4 inches or wider. That is the cement trowel width that you will put into your wall. If you have higher walls, to put rebar in the area center, pound to the ground for cracking prevention or you want to use chicken, wire the center down and ensure them an inch under the top wall level.


You have got how to build raised garden beds with cements. This idea is really appropriate for enhancing your wall function. The similar process may be applied to build them depend on your house, whether the land is placed on a slope or not. You can fill the landing area with gravel while their forms are completely removed. The possibilities of design are really limited based on your imagination.

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