how to grow lemongrass

How to Grow Lemongrass Properly

How to grow lemongrass properly in your garden? It is simple if you can follow the steps properly and technically right. Lemongrass is one type of plants that is used for flavoring foods. It gives a fresh taste with citrus and lemon scent. This plant holds an important role in the food world. Many people want to use these plants. The fact that it is limited makes people want to grow the plants. But there is obstacle that people will always meet when they want to plant by their own self.

The natural weather for this plant is tropical, sometimes it’s hard to do how to grow lemongrass in a sub tropical area or in other different location that has different season. It usually grows in tropical zone or it can survive winter, it is on the 8 winter zone location. It has two plants in a warmer zone. The lemongrass is planted on the outside location, but if it is winter, you can plant it inside of your house. Since it is annual planting, you have to do step by step of growing up lemongrass properly, so it can live longer.

Best Way of Planting the Lemongrass

How to grow lemongrass with a proper step when you have small space? It is by using the pot as your location. If you like to have fresh materials for your food like vegetables, you may want to plant it by yourself. The pot is the best place you need for indoor planting. When you have decided to plant it inside your house,  you have to follow several steps. These steps will help you to grow the plants properly, so it can live successfully.

How to Grow Lemongrass? Steps by steps that you need

how to grow lemongrassHow to grow lemongrass inside your house when you have no experience of planting the plants before? What kind of step by step of growing up lemongrass that you need to know when you want to plant in the pot and in a small area? Do not worry. Here are several tips for you whom you can easily follow. It will not make you feel confused nor feel burdened. The first step is buying the stalk lemongrass. You have to buy it first, so you can use it for seed. You can buy it your supermarket or farmers’ local market.

If you want to know how to grow lemongrass easily, you have to find out the one that has green color on the center layers of the plants and has intact root. This one is the best one for seedling the plants. After that, you can peel out the lemongrass and take the stalk root only. Then you can take it in the pot that is filled with water. You have to place it carefully. At least you have to keep the root filled with water at around 2 inches. You have to consider that the plant is a tropical type. You have to place it close to the window where it gets good enough of shiny lights.

The next step is filling up the pot with soil. It should have drainage. You can make holes in its drainage. Then, you have to arrange the soil into a moist texture. You need to mix between soil and water then it can turn out with a moist texture. Then dig the soil and make a hole in it. You can fill the hole with stalk root of lemongrass and watering it as soon as you put it in with the soil. You have to do regular watering. It prevents the plants from getting exhausted and dryness.

You cannot let the plants grow dryness. You have to do watering in a proper time. Then, you can do the harvesting after several weeks. You have to fertilize it as always with water soluble fertilizer that is special to use for herbs and vegetables. You have to use the organic fertilizer for best planting. When the season turns into autumn and you recognize that your plant gets brown, then you have to cut it back around 10 cm. Do how to grow lemongrass may give you some problems like in harvesting time.


Some obstacles you may see

Doing the step by step of growing up lemongrass especially when you do harvesting means you have to do special steps. You can cut the stems and let the trimming of the leaves off and retain the remaining at the bottom up to 8-10 cm. You can divide the root ball in an up cutting as well. So, you can use a small pot for your plants so it can grow up well. These all the steps and tips on how to grow lemongrass you can follow.

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