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Some Basic about Pallet Garden Ideas

Thinking of gardening with limited space seems easier than gardening the back 40. Nothing can be really further from the reality. Using small gardening ideas with every inch of space that is counted gives many opportunities for you who want to learn some specialized techniques of gardening and the plant preferences. You can turn your small space into a certain outdoor oasis. It requires deliberate planning and certain care. But, small garden rewards are worth per minute of effort and planning the gardening takings mall spaces. You can apply pallet garden ideas to be your plan and we will give you some tips about it.

Consider Some Points Below for Your Pallet Garden Ideas

You need to consider the containers to apply pallet garden for small space. There are many plants which can grow in containers. Raised beds give enough space for growing plants and make vertical gardens and hanging baskets. You don’t worry if your space or budget is limited. You can use wooden pallets for your pallet garden ideas. They will make amazing vertical gardens functioned for shallow rooted and growing smaller plants, either decorative or edible.

pallet garden ideasWith all pallet garden ideas, plants play a very important role. It is the primary one which must exist. While plants generally adapt to geographies, some of them are more superior instead of others, depending on humidity, day length and moisture. Choosing several onions for your garden depends on the day length. Some of them needs long days and plentiful like in northern while some others require short day. Some onions are planted and found in the southern countries having more even length of day in year round. All tomatoes are suitable for warmth. But, only a few of the varieties which are better to adapt to southern states’ hot summers.

Aroma, color and texture are important to consider. Pallet garden for small garden requires a focal point, such as larger plant use or yard object which withstands wind, moisture and wind. Color selection for your plants is highly individual. Some gardeners tend to love every rainbow color while others love the subtle changes within the flower and leaf color. Spending time to find a nice color for your plant will give the possibility to your plant to bloom with fragrance and color continually in your garden.

Mixing in certain soil into the existing soil offers a boost to plants when using certain native dirt. This is a great idea to try a cheap soil kit before you amend the soil because too much nitrogen, will promote the leaf growth with the fruit or flower expense. All potting soil for your pallet garden ideas is good to use in gardening, except some succulents or cacti which require a sandy mix to make the drainage fast. Every inch will be counted in your small areas, putting decorative elements on the soil top around your plants becomes another trick to give more texture and color for the small garden enhancement.

Every garden requires supplemental watering every time, either from an irrigation system, a hose or watering cans. Some systems of drip irrigation use water very in an efficient way. After the garden has been established, the emitters and tubing don’t even detract from any small garden ideas. You can use the pallet garden with some pots having water reservoirs and using osmosis principles to irrigate the plant. Watering cans, which are decorative can be found as a part of all garden design.

A Cozy Pallet Garden Idea with Couches

Once you have got some basic information, you can develop it with many available pallet garden ideas. If you want a comfortable garden, you can add a cozy couch to your garden. You can join some pallets one time by forming sides, back and base to present a resemble look to your couch. After done, you can give comfort and cozy pillows or even any bed sheet to make the space enjoyable and soft for sitting. You can give, such homemade couch within your garden to give you enjoy talking with friends or only reading.


That’s all about what you need to prepare to make pallet garden ideas. Once you have completely considered all of them, cozy pallet garden ideas by adding couch and other can be applied to the enhancement.

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