how to clean hardwood floors

How to Clean Hardwood Floors: Simply Tips to Do

Clean hardwood floors are simple to follow and easy way to do. When you build a house with a floor that made from hardwood, it must be look so beautiful like you stay in a nature. But there is a problem when you put a hardwood floors in your house. The hardwood floors are easy to get scratched or damage. You need to protect it carefully and you need to maintain the hardwood floors to be always clean and beautiful. You may think that the way to clean the hardwood floors may cost expensive money or you may think that it needs more steps that are quite hard to clean it up. The way how to make clean the hardwood floors is not as hard as you think. How to clean hardwood floors? It is quite easy and simple. You can do it by yourself.

How to Clean Hardwood Floors

When you have to clean up your hardwood floors, there are some steps that you need to follow. The first basic to clean hardwood floors is by sweeping the floors. When you want to sweep the hardwood floors, remember to use the floor with a soft bristled room. By sweeping the floor at first, any material or dust can be moved away. One tip when you do sweeping is you need to carry forward some stuffs in your room. The sweeping activity can be done easily. If you have some stuff to be put in on your room, always remember to give a pad under the tip toe of your stuff. It is preventing the hardwood floor from being scattered or scratched.

The second steps are by doing floor cleaning. After you sweep the floor, some dust or tiny particle may still exist. You can keep clean by using the next cleaning machine. It is by using a dust mop or vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner that you choose must have soft fur. It will not harm your hardwood floor. How to clean hardwood floors next after you do the cleaning? You can use a well squeezed damp mop to sweep some thick materials or any things that stick on the floor. You have to do it carefully.

how to clean hardwood floorsIf you know and recognize that your hardwood floor is wet of water, you are suggested to clean it up immediately. You can use a dust cloth to remove the water. If you live as a big family that has children, you may feel worried that the way children playing over. Something may cause any scratches on your hardwood floor. You can give some protector floor or any safety pad on your children’s playground. It can decrease the possibility of getting broken of your hardwood floors. If you have been doing cleaning in your room with hardwood floors, you can use rugs in every space of your room to keep the floor beautiful. You can use doormats in every entrancing door.

Clean hardwood floors are easy to do. You can always keep it clean and maintain its beauty by always doing some exact steps. When you want to build a house with a hardwood floor, you have to think about the window’s direction. The light that comes from sunlight that will be going through directly to the window may damage the tenacity of the hardwood floors. When you arrange your room, it will be better if you don’t use heavy rolling furniture on the floor. It can harm the floor. Instead of using heavy furniture, you can use plywood, hardboard or any lift appliance.

Tips to Make a Great Hardwood Floor

How to make clean the hardwood floors when you are ready to do it? You have to consider the next cleaning step. Prepare the right cleaning product that can help you remove the dust and make the hardwood floors become more shine. How to clean hardwood floors won’t hard to do if you follow the tips. The tip is when you find any scratch appears on your hardwood floor, remember to stay calm and do not panic. You only need to take a wood repair kit. When you choose the wood repair kit, take the right that appropriate to your hardwood floor type. You can paint the floor carefully and apply a safe wax to cover up the scratches.

Another tip to how to clean hardwood floors is always put carpets or rubs in every space like the entrancing door or under the table and sofa. It has to prevent your hardwood floor from getting scratches. The next tip is making the ceiling fan or the air conditioner in your room to be useful. Always use a soft material or cloth to clean up the dirty materials. If you use sandpaper, steel wool, or any harmful chemical product. It may damage your hardwood floors. The damage may not only appear for several moments but it may appear as permanently.

How to clean hardwood floors when the hardwood floor gets a dark spot or a pet stain? You don’t have to worry. You can rub it with a right cleaning product that’s appropriate to your problem. Then, you can use a towel to remove the pet stain or dark spots. You can cover it up with some steps that have been mentioned above. If the problem comes from the oil base stains, you can wash the oil by using water. Always keep your hardwood floor clean at any time. So you don’t have to feel bothersome when your hardwood floor is applied in your house.


What You Should Not Do

How to make clean the hardwood floors if you have several things that you should avoid? You only need to remember it in your mind. You can make a reminder using a sticky note. Several things that you should not do when you make cleaning the floor area by avoiding spike heels. If you use spike heels and taps on your hardwood floors, it may damage it. Remove every shoe from the door. It may not be dragged inside to the room. Clean hardwood floors can be done successfully if you do not follow any prohibition that you have to always remember.

You have to always remember to not use any chemical material liquid product to clean up your hardwood floor. You have to make sure that you do not use any ammonia cleaning product. It’s not allowed to use wax to remove the sticky thing or dark spot. Do not use detergents or bleach to make clean up your floor. You cannot use polishes, oil soaps, or abrasive cleaning soaps. It may harsh your floor. Some of people may suggest you to use vinegar or acidic materials, but you may not follow it. Vinegar can damage your floor.

How to clean hardwood floors with a right step is by always remembering the do and don’t steps. You cannot use an excessive water to clean up all of your floor space. It can cause cracking or splinter on your floor. If you have followed every step, tips, and know to avoid all the prohibited action, but find no good result on your hardwood floor, there is no other way except asking for the professional hardwood floor cleaner to handle all of your problems. Though you have to spend more dollars, but the result will satisfy you.

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