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All the Thing You Need to Know about How to Make Coasters

The coaster is one of the household items that are used in modern homes. These objects are placed on the dining table or living room table as a base of a coffee or tea cup. Coaster serves to protect the table from stains of drinking cups of tea and coffee. The table is not dirty and protect the surface of the table due to friction. The coaster on the table serves the effect of beauty, neatness and cleanliness of a home. Here is some interesting info on all matters relating to the coasters, including how to make coasters for those of you who are interested in this home appliance.

Business activists were interested to open a coaster sales business. Although there is a wide range of models, there are still many people who are not satisfied to buy products from store coasters due to a problem of the price, the limited variety of design, style, etc. Along with an expanding assortment of DIY products, people are trying to know all the things needed in how to create coasters. How to make coasters with our own design? You can listen to the info shared below to find the answer.

How to Make Coasters?

Coaster for business and home pub

Coasters in pubs are not necessarily the same as the coaster placed in homes. From the material of manufacture, coaster for pub use hard and synthetic materials. The coaster at the household may use a variety of materials depending on the desires or tastes of the owners. Business owners choose coasters from certain materials to reduce the cost of expenses. Given the difference in the material of coaster for pubs and homes, for houses and pubs were varied as well.

How to make coasters for pub or coffee shop business? There are a lot of examples of the coaster template on the internet. You can choose the main material to use as of synthetic, wood, fabric, hard paper, or thrift. You need to prepare tools such as scissors, measuring tape, thread, and others. For those of you who want to create a characteristic in your product, you can decorate it by adding a certain picture or logo. Here is examples of ways to make coasters made from the fabric.

Simple Fabric Coaster for Beginners

how to make coastersThere is an idea of how to make coasters for beginners. This coaster is made of cotton and cotton batting. You need a sharp fabric scissors, straight pins, thread, and measuring tape. One more tool is a sewing machine. Important tip to consider before making fabric coaster is to ensure that cotton fabric is not made of polyester. Polyester is difficult to absorb the liquid. This coaster can be done in 3 easy steps. You can wash, dry, and iron cotton fabric first before making it so that the wrinkles disappear.

If the preparation is done, you can start by making cotton fabric and cotton batting into squares cut. Size of cotton square fabric cut is 4.75 inches while cotton batting cut into 4.5 inch squares. A cotton fabric cut that is required is 8 while the cotton batting is 4. If you want to make in large quantities, you can multiples that amount compares. In step 2, you can sew arrangement of 2 cotton fabrics and cotton batting like sewing a shirt or pants pocket. The outer surface is reversed so that the stitches are inside. Do not forget to cut every corner of the square. The steps  to make coasters from fabric more than 50% finished.

You need to pass step 3 and the finishing. You only need to cover one part of the square that is not sewn in the previous process. So, you can use a polyester yarn to get stronger sewing. If you want to add a particular decoration, you can use glue or hand sewing done before the third step. Have you got a clearer image of how to make coasters? You could create many interesting ideas if you able to implement this simple idea.

There are many pros if you use fabric coaster. Coasters made of fabric can last for several years. Fabric coaster can be washed using a washing machine and easy to dry. It is better than ceramic or coaster made of glass that can break if it falls. How to make a coaster as the example above is easy and practical. It can be followed by anyone like the beginner of world of coasters. It can save money because coasters are sold in stores have higher prices. You only need an effort as well.

Coasters for Souvenirs

You can create coaster as a gift or souvenir for relatives or neighbors. You can give a gift in the form of coasters for relatives who are celebrating special events like their new home party. Coaster of a pliable material can be rolled up and put into ceramic cups or glasses to more fully visible and attractive. If the coaster made of hard materials such as ceramics or wood, you can decorate it in such a way to make it look attractive. You can add embellishments like ribbon and bow. It can make the person you give the gift wonder how to make coasters to be such a unique souvenir.

Couple coasters

Coaster is not only designed with a unique business logo or image, but can be used for specific events. If you want to give a wedding or anniversary gift that is different and unique, you can make couple coasters. This kind of coasters could be designed with cool pictures or romantic quotes. How to make coasters for special people like couples? The steps are the same as the procedure of making coasters in general. The difference is in the pictures, symbols, logo, or quotes placed on any coaster. Color variations can be used as a characteristic couple coasters. Color that used is pink for female and sea blue for male.

Recycling and Renew old Coaster

How to make coasters, which has decayed colors looks new? For those of you who have old coaster and wanted to throw it away, you should think well if the coaster can still be updated. Coaster made from hard can be repainted. Color of fabric coaster can be changed with fabric dye. The fabric old coaster can be added with certain color combination to make it more different than the old design. Before it is dyed, fabric coaster is tied into several sections. This technique is similar to Javanese batik coloring named Batik Jumputan.

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