how to sand hardwood floors

How to Sand Hardwood Floors with an Easy Steps

How to sand hardwood floors? This is a common question that will be asked by many people when they have a hardwood floor on their house. People want to refine their old hardwood floors because they want to make it looks like a new and fresh hardwood floors. If you do the sanding on your hardwood floors, you can get not only a clean and shine floor but also a beautiful floor. It can beautify your house more. People want to refine their hardwood floor because they want to repair it. It may damage in some spaces. The floor will look more beautiful and the damage traces can be covered.

Another reason why they want to it because they want change the color that may vanish away or become dull. They want to make the floor look fresh with a brown wood color they want. Another reason is they want to change the finish sheen or to protect it after such a long time hiding under the carpets. How to refined hardwood floors with steps that easy to count? There are six steps that you can follow easily when you want to refine your hardwood floors.

How to Sand Hardwood Floors?

Six Easy Steps to Refine Your Hardwood Floor

how to sand hardwood floorsHow to sand hardwood floors easily will, not far from these six steps. You only need to follow it and do it exactly the same as the instruction. The first step you have to do is cleaning the floor. Cleaning the floor is the basic step. Everyone will do to get the clean floor they want. You can remove all the furniture that is in the room to make it easier for in doing the cleaning activity. After you are moving away all the furniture, you can start to spray a cleaner in the whole hardwood floors. If you want to make your own handmade cleaner liquid, you can make it by mixing water and a little amount of vinegar with a ratio 10:1.

The next step you do when you want to know how to sand hardwood floors is wiping the whole floor diligently. You can use a cloth to mop that is made from terry materials. Remember to close the window and the door firstly before you wipe. The next step is prepping the floor with a perimeter. The way you do this is by using a sandpaper with 180 grit. You have to do the hand sand by using perimeter in every space on the floor. Then, you can rub the floor and the baseboard with a powder form. You have to consider yourself not to use a sanding block. It may not reach all the spots on the floor.

How to sand hardwood floors will not far from scuffing the floor. When you do scuffing with a powder, you have to set the grit in the right number. You can use 50 grit if you have a flat floor. When you do this, you can start doing the scuffing with a diagonal line. It is smoother when you do it diagonally. You can speed up the machine until it reaches 100 or 120 grit to finish it. When you have spread all of the powder in the entire of the room, you can relax your time and leave it be at around 10 or 15 minutes. Using vacuum and tack will be more helpful for your sanding activity since the next step needs a vacuum and tack to make it done.

How to sand hardwood floors with vacuum and tack? You have to clean the filter of the vacuum first. You have to do checking before you start it on. After you are sure that it is empty, you can sweep the whole floor in line with the flooring strips. After you do it on line you can make it across. It has a function to gather all of the powder that has settled down to the board of the floors. When you are finished doing the sweeping using vacuum, you can dry tack the floor. Try to use a microfiber cloth when you push it to the grain.

After you do the vacuuming and tacking is doing a cutting with a length of the edges. How to refined hardwood floors easily by cutting the edges is straining the finishing uses a cone filter. When you do this step, remember to put a respirator on your nose and mouth. Choose the one that has an organic vapor canister. You can cover up your shoes. This is all done for your safety since the next step will need a mechanical material that will harm your body. As what has been mentioned before, the straining is done through a cone filter. The cone filter should be placed in a clean plastic watering can without a sprinkler head.


You can brush in 3 inch wide strip that placed beside the baseboards. You do this at the point where you are far from the door. When the stripe on the edge is dried you have to lap it. You can do the steps for every ten minutes in every space. The next step is rolling out the poly. It means you have to pour a wide stripe finish line with the grain. You have to pour out a 1 inch wide stripe of the finish line. You can use a long handled roller and you can choose the roller with one fourth inch nap cover.

After that, you can start to roll out the finish. You do it with a grain. Play it across the space. The next ruling you have to do is do the overlap of every pass. You have to work very fast so the edge will stay wet. You can brush the finish to the edge more, but only if you have waited for 10 minutes after you done it. Then, you can do the pouring, rolling, for every 10 minutes. You can do it continuously until the whole floor is covered up. Then the next step is recoating.

When you want to know how to sand hardwood floors with recoating, it means you have to wait for around three hours. This is the last step of sanding your hardwood floors. But it does not mean that you can put all of the furniture back directly. You still have to wait for a week before you can safely put all of your furniture back to their previous position. When you ask how to refined hardwood floors, it means you have to be patient before you can get the best result of your sanding activity. If you can do the sanding by yourself. It may seem too hard for you to do it alone. You can ask for a help from a professional sanding who handle hardwood floors.

How to sand hardwood floors if you ask for a pro? You don’t have to worry that you will do complicated or complex steps. It is easy to do. But if you are too busy, you only need to pay for the professional. They set the price around $1.50 up to $4 per sq.ft which is depend on the floors, whether it needs a repairing movement or not. That is only the price of the sanding activity. When they do screening, the cost may need more dollars like $1 up to $2 per sq.ft. It is all depend on your decision whether you want to handle it by yourself or you ask for a help from the professional one.

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