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Best Easy Bed Frame Woodworking Plans for You

Bed frame woodworking plans not only give you more than financial saving plan, but also give you special design that you appropriate to your style. As many people know, creating hand-made stuff is always cheaper and affordable than buying the ready made stuff. This idea works in line with furniture stuff. Buying ready made furniture always spends higher rate than having the own creating furniture. You can feel glad since there are many designs that you can choose. You can let down your creative idea and make your own special design.

Beautiful Design Bed Furniture

Do not feel distress or pressured since there are a hundred styles that you can see. You can feel relaxed since there are many styles that you can choose starting from the simple ones up to the harder ones. Even though you can have a harder and complex design, it is really recommended to choose the simple ones since it looks more elegant and magical. There is an old classic style named as pottery barn that has been inspired with king bed that always has headboard. Having headboard on your bed is always a great choice. Your bed will totally look perfect when you put the headboard. Here you can design this part with any fascinated shapes.

bed frame woodworking plansYou can use unique shapes for your headband. Then, you can create special shapes on your bed leg as well. You just only need to connect the idea in the whole of your bed part. Sometimes, you can choose the traditional one, but it does not mean that you cannot choose any other style. The natural model is one of the best options that are recommended for you. The natural one usually has string board model that is arranged precisely. The color of the bed material stands with a light tone. This is kind of the favorite style of bed wood frame you can choose either.

Otherwise, you can use the futuristic and masculine design of your bed frame woodworking plans. This style comes with minimalist shapes. Apparently it only uses casual or straight shapes, but amazingly turns out into beautiful bed model. The dark tone color is recommended if you want to create masculine idea and super dark will just perfect. Though the darker tone is highly recommended for a strong image, but you are allowed to use smoother and softer. You can even apply the pastel color of your bed and match it with your room wall. That will be so hilarious.

How to make a Simple Bed Wood Frame

You can choose a lot of design as many as you want, but the important thing is whether you can create and make it true into the real realization or you just burn it up into your mind and widen mind ideas. The important thing is doing it for real, building the frame just like the picture that you have been seen. If you are a beginner that have high passion, it will be better if you make the easy and simple one, the model that has no complex shape or difficult model. The simple bed frame woodworking plans with classic square frame is highly recommended for you. Starting up must be done smoothly if you have prepared the tools that you need.

Thus, it will be so much better if you have prepared several tools that you need like screws, electric machines, board, pencil marker, and many more. This will help you to create the frame in an easier way. After managing the tools, you have to set up the size of your bed frame first, there are at least three model sizes that you can choose starting with a small one that is the twin sized cut. The medium one is the queen size cut while the large one is the king size cut. The twin size cutis sides (2″x6″76″ – 2), front and back (2″x6″x39″), legs (2″x4″x15″ – 4), inside supports (2″x2″x80″ – 2), front bottom (2″x4″x39″), support slats (1″x3″x39″ – 13), center support (2″x4″x80″), center support leg ( no need at this model but will used for other models).

The corner supports (2″x6″ cut at 45 degrees so sides are 5.2″ on the sides). The complete size list for queen size and the king size is bigger of course. Both of them uses center support leg. The center support leg for queen and king type is 2″x4″x9. 5″. If the twin size has 39″ size, then the queen is 60″ and the king is 76″. There are several things you may need to know that is the two is for 8 foot 2x4s and four is for 8 foot 2x6s. Thirteen is for 8 foot 1x3s. The pocket hole screw has two types that are 1.5″ and 2.25″. The wood screw uses 2.25″. You will need wood glue, paint, and wood filler. This is some exact measurement that you can take a look.

Bed Frame Woodworking Plans – Steps by Steps

Bed frame woodworking plans is not hard. It is simple if you know how to make it. The first thing is you have to create each part of your bed including the legs and the boards. You can use the stickle-style for the leg part and you can fill in with quarter-sawn white oak for each side. Then, you have to make the part with the precise horizontal router box. You may need to know how to use mortise with quick and accurate cut for the headboard and the footboard. It means after you finish with legs each part you can continue to work with the footboard and the headboard. You can use attach all the part with a help of the screw and the bolt and as the last part is finishing your bed frame.

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