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TV Stand Woodworking Plans – How to Make TV stand

TV has become one main-stuff that you can easily find in people’s house. Almost every family house always has a TV that is kept in their house. Mostly people will focus on the TV itself. Actually, there is some other important thing that you need to take a look about. It is about the display or media furniture that prop out the TV to stand out bravely. Most of people prefer to purchase the furniture instead of making it with your own hand. But, there are several people who are interested to create handmade furniture, especially if its use for TV. Here is a TV stand woodworking plans that you may want to know.

Various Cabinet TV Plans

There are several types of cabinet TV plans that you can apply in your house. It’s starting from the eclectic one that seems really suitable for you who loves with unique style. There is a contemporary style that looks really connected with recent model furniture or you can choose the traditional or the classic one. When you choose the right furniture, you need to consider about several things, including the materials and the color of the furniture as well. On the material side, there are many materials that you can use like plywood, reclaimed lumber, pine, hardwood, pallets and many more. On the color side, you can choose between the lighter tone and the darker tone.

Several TV stand woodworking plans

tv stand woodworking plansWhen you choose to build your own cabinet, then you have to think about the design as well. As many styles have been produced this year, many options then come up. You can build the cabinet that has shelves for your TV media player. You can make it like it is an arranged shelves, or you can even use the table look cabinet for your TV. Any styles will look obviously better if it is used according to the right needs. The media center TV that you like an consist of door and shelf as well. If you still feel confused to choose the best one for you, here are several clear models that you can take as an inspirational idea.

The first model of your TV stand woodworking plans not far from classic. However, you need to fix up about the clear model. Some of the models that appear in a complete style that comes with great function yet showing great design are these twenty styles of media console. Those are the tricks media cabinet that hangs on the wall. This style is really unique. It does not look like other casual style that always appears in a cabinet model.

But if you like the conventional one, you can try to make Rushton media stand or Connor media console. There are also Brimley model, Ironton model, piedmont model, keeper model that has truly many shelf’s, Davis consoles with glass door.

Others are TV stand plans that have a unique model. The model looks like you hang the TV on the swing table model. You can use the Lincoln model that has really short height. It has really long length that usually comes with wheels. The Emmet stand model is unique with its long shelves. The Shelburne media have open-up shelf, the pier one has closed door cabinet.

The matt is another closed cabinet while the mariposa model is the truly open up the model. The Marconi and the Roland model are two other conversational model that you can take a look. Any model will look good only if you can decorate it with proper style as well.

How to Make TV stand

The outside look of the media stands TV that you see once day seems hard to do, but actually it is not. For example, you want to build a Rushton TV stand. It is not hard as it looks like. You only need to gather the materials and measure the lumber precisely. The materials consist of 1-1/4″ pocket hole screws, 1-1/4″ brad nails, edge banding, optional, 4 sets of hinges, cabinet pulls, wood glue, sandpaper which is about 100 grits, 150 grits, and 220 grits, finishing supplies that includes the primer and paint, stain, and sealer. The lumber is 5-1×3 at 8″, 1-1×4 at 4″, 1-4″x8″ sheet of ¼” plywood, 2-4″x8″ sheets of ¾” plywood. The cut list consist of 1-1×3 at 57″ base frame front, 2-1×3 at 1-3/4 base frame sides, 2-1×3 at 24-3/4″ base frame sides.

Others complete measuring list is 1-1×3 at 22″ base frame back, 2-3/4″ plywood at 20″x57″ bottom and top, 2-3/4″ plywood at 18″x20″ dividers, 2-1×4 at 1″ sides, 2-3/4″ plywood at 16″x18-1/4″ outer cabinet shelves, 1-3/4″ plywood at 19″x22″ lower center shelf, 1-3/4″ plywood at 20″x22″ upper center shelf, 1-1/4 plywood at 19″x22″ center back panel, 2-1/4″ plywood at 19″x24″ side back panels, 4-1×3 at 10-13/16″ and 4-1×3 at 12″ for smaller door frames, 4-1×3 at 15-3/4″ and 4-1×3 at 17-3/4″ for larger door frames and 2-1/4″ plywood at 6-5/16″x7-1/2″ for smaller door panels and 11-1/4″x13-1/4 for larger.

After you know the exact number of each measurement you can start to cut down the wood. This may confuse you at the first since there a lot of numbers. But, it is because the model has many shelves on the cabinet. Thus, you will need many measuring times. Then when your done, finished cutting down all the parts that you need to create the standard TV, you can continue your TV stand woodworking plans by attaching each of them with screws and glue. Use the tools appropriately so you can create your personal stands that look like your favorite.

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