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Woodworking Wine Rack Plans as the Solution for Your Interior Organization

Considering how to a certain place to store your wine can be a tricky ordeal. It is intentioned to make your bottles accessible, while protecting them. If you don’t find your luck to have a wine fridge or cellar, we have some woodworking wine rack plans to involve. It is about DIY ideas and tutorials. It can be your guide to start your work to make your creative rack plans ever. We will show you some excellent wine racks which are so easy to make.

Woodworking Wine Rack Plans with DIY Ideas

If you want a sophisticated look to appear in your interiors, you can add a beautiful wine rack at your kitchen or dining area. It will be great for you to have some enthusiasts of shelves. For example, by mounting the rack on the wall or shelves with floor standing to keep wines in large stock. They are optional for you about the model and style of rack that you will build. By using the DIY idea, you don’t need to buy a new rack for organizing and storing your bottles of wines.

There are many woodworking wine rack choices that you can present in your house. A handsome one can be found in a stained wine rack from cherry wood. That will be your woodworking project and expand later. It has simple, modular, elegant and expendable constructed as a home woodworking plan with just a drill press and a table saw. It is compatible with notches/dados, so no screws, nails or glue as the requirement. You can assemble it easily by cutting, staining and assembling cherry wood within a storage rack which holds 15 wine bottles in regular sizes.

Some Steps to Do in the Plans

woodworking wine rack plansIf you want to know how to start woodworking stained wine rack plans, start it by cutting end panels and cross rails on the table saw. You need to cut two the cherry wood in two shapes, including end panels which is 6 by 12 inch and cross rails which is 1 by 12 inches. In this project, you need six end panels and cross rails. Afterwards, equip your table saw by using a dado set. You need to install a set of dado on it to make notches/dados to lock the cross rails and end panels together. The set itself includes some chippers/cutters which are sandwiched between those of two blades of saw.

After doing the previous steps in woodworking wine rack plans, you can make a main fence to place the wood. You have to add a main fence in the gauge of miter and ten glue sandpaper for traction. Clip a stop block for identical dados. Reposition the cross rails. You can cut the dados in the end panels and cross rails. Notch the dados in edges and ends of cross rails. And then, notch the other panels with four dados in every component. Clip the wood you have worked to the fence.

After running some woodworking wine rack steps, you can continue the step by cutting through the wine bottles by using a hole saw. The hole saws are larger than bottle necks and bases for cutting through as the bottle holder. Install a functional fence in order to position rails to get larger holes and then reposition the smaller necks of the bottle. Afterwards, provide a drum sander for smoothing the edges. You can choose an orbital sander for use in smoothing those of flat sides from the end panels and cross rails.

Use Tung Oil for finishing the cherry wood. You need to bring the highlights in wood by using two Tung oil coats. In some minutes just wipe off its excess by using a clean cloth which is lint free. Finally, interlock the cross rails and side panels of wine rack. Engage such dados with those within the panels by assembling each wine rack layer for holding 15 wine bottles.

That’s all about some guides we can share in order to help your woodworking wine rack plans. The DIY ideas are excellent because the ways are very simple, but the result is amazing. It will give easier access to get some bottles of wines when you need it while keeping your room organized.

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