Powermatic 1791213 15HH 3 HP 15-Inch Planer with 230-Volt 1 Phase Byrd Shelix Helical Cutterhead

3 Best Helical Head Planer – Top Helical Head Planer

Finding the best helical head planer will be the best choice for people to comfort them in cutting something for working. This machine is excellent because it can cut the large iron at the machine. Because of that, this machine will be your choice if you are still building a home or something in your home. Choosing the best one in this machine will offer the satisfaction one for people when they want to cut something.

Top 3 Helical Head Planer

1. RIKON Power Tools 25-210H 12-Inch Planer/Jointer with Helical Head

RIKON Power Tools 25-210H 12-Inch Planer Jointer with Helical HeadIn this machine, you will have the satisfaction planer. It has impressive features that can comfort people to use the machine. This helical head planer has powerful 220V, 3400 RPM capacity. This feature will offer the satisfaction planer because it will cut the iron as fast as you can neatly. Besides, this machine has 4 rows helical cutter head. It can produce an ultra smooth finish. People will have the satisfaction result in the iron, which has been cut.

This helical head is impressive with other features that can satisfy people very well. You will see this planer has 56,4 sided indexable Carbide insert change easily. This feature will facilitate people when they use this machine in the home. You do not need to master in cutting the iron. The feed rate speed that can be found in this machine is about 23 feet per minute. The power source which is used for this machine is corded electric so that it will be easy to use.

2. Jet-JWP-15HH: 15-Inch Helical Head Planer

Jet - JWP-15HH 15-inch Helical Head PlanerYou can find another product for helical head planer that can satisfy in usage. This machine has two speed gearbox with automatic chain tensioner that can let the people adjust the feed rate to meet your need in using the machine. Besides, precision ground table will support people to use the machine easily. The best one that can be found in this machine is large hand wheel positive gear drive that allows for quick and accurate table adjustment. People will be comfortable when they use the machine. The heavy duty lock to secure during use is available in the machine that will be loved by people very much.

The special thing that can be seen in this helical head is exclusive angled 4″ dust port that can keep your dust hose out of the way. Besides, this head planer is quickly into smooth boards. The construction of this machine is good because it will support the user in holding the device very well. The exclusive angle 4 is available on this machine that can kick up a lot of dust. Powerful motor combines with the helical insert cutterhead will satisfy people when they use this device.

3. Powermatic 1791213 15HH 3HP 15-Inch Planer

Powermatic 1791213 15HH 3 HP 15-Inch Planer with 230-Volt 1 Phase Byrd Shelix Helical CutterheadYou can find other helical head planer in this Powermatic series. It has impressive features and technology that can comfort people when they cut any iron for the job. This helical head has a Byrd Helical cutter head with 98 four-sided knife inserts that provides smoother, quieter, cutting and finer finish than conventional system. This feature offers the beautiful result of the object during cutting so that people will be happy to use the machine. Besides, this machine has a powerful 3HP tech motor controlled by a magnetic switch for safety.

This machine has three V-belts transfer maximum power to cutterhead that can comfort people to use this planer. The smooth in feeds and outfeed in the machine can satisfy people when they use the machine. This one has 15HH performance in a three-horsepower, single-phase, 230-volt TEFC motor, and so forth. It will make this machine getting the powerful motor for reliable performance.

If people are looking for the best helical head planer, they can choose one of those machines in their home. The specs and power of the machine will satisfy people very well. Different product of those machines will offer different result. However, it will be the best idea for people to choose one of those machines that have suitable features and technologies that are mastered very well based on their ability.

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