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Solar Panels For The Home - It’s in Vogue

These days if you happen to walk around in your neighborhood you are most likely to see people set up solar panels for the home.  That is because those people have realized that there was an easy way to produce green domestic power, which is free. Am sure with some technical expertise you can make those solar panels for the home as well, and that’s exactly what I would be discussing with you.

I would suggest that you use Copper Indium Selenide Cells.  These look like glass tiles, while each one is capable of producing 4.5 volts of electric power.  The best part about these Copper Indium Selenide Cells is once you procure them they should be ready to go. They are quiet easy to solder on, and the ends come with the negative point marked.  What you need to do is use a solder iron to join the positive and the negative ends of the batteries of the cells and then dispose them to the sun.  These cells do undergo some sort of changes in case those are exposed to the sun, without any sort of load on them.  Doing this would help you get more electric power from them.

To put these batteries together you need to all that you would be required to do is make a note of the polarity of these cells and then solder them together in a series like fashion, while doing the same you need to wet the tip a little and then press them quickly. Once that is done you need to flatten them and the cells together would look like some tiles put together. After you have connected all of those cells then place it safely inside a frame. Try to choose some thing that’s protective, this is required to protect the batteries from natural harm and eventually breaking. Try to cover the top with glass and RTV silicone glue. While doing this you need to ensure that there should not be any silicone glue left between the glass and the batteries. Also it’s good to use a diode with these Copper Indium Selenide Cells while they are being used to charge up batteries. Once you have done all that then you can consider your self in the final stage of making solar panels for the home use.

Now it would be quiet obvious that you would be interested in saving as much money possible in making these solar panels for the home. Thus one good idea would be to use voltage multipliers with these solar panels. This would help the produced power to be doubled up for your home use. One more thing that you can do is use batteries with these solar panels for the home, while you charge them up and they  might be used towards the evenings when more light is used. This would be saving the power for future use. Start with a small project, and then build bigger solar panels for the home. Which would take are of all the electric needs for your home.



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