Make Solar Panels

Solar Panels: How to Build Them
Using Diverse Design Concepts

How to build solar panels the best way, is a big issue these days. It has become easier to generate electricity and reduce our electricity bills using solar energy while generating electricity for our homes.   The solar panel is the basic requirement for converting the solar energy into electricity.  It requires a series of panels for such conversions to take place.   Though the sizes of such solar panels are enormous, they can be easily installed at the backyards of houses.  Solar cells or photovoltaic cells are arranged over every solar panel which congregate solar energy during daylight hours and convert them into electricity for household utilization.  For efficient usage of such solar panels, these cells are to be electrically connected and they must be free from involuntary damages.

Solar cells are usually made of silicon which when allowed interacting with sunlight, produce sufficient amount of electricity.  Overheating of cells occur when partial shading is encountered by those solar cells present in solar panels.  Hence, diodes are incorporated while manufacturing such cells.  Though installation of solar panels in house is expensive, they provide long term benefits.   Gaining of large amount of electricity depends on the way of installation, such as placing the solar panels facing the sunlight so that maximum solar energy is utilized for electricity conversion.

Solar panels are to be tilted to 15 degrees to avoid allocation of rain water and snow. They must also be placed away from trees so that shadows do not cause solar panels to malfunction. One can save hundreds of bucks by setting up solar panels at their houses.   They are fitted facing south to capture more solar energy. The solar cells are either connected in series or in parallel to produce the desired output voltage.

Installation of solar panel kits in houses has become very easy these days. Guides are provided for efficient and easy set up of solar panels in homes. Solar power is an expression of how much solar energy solar panels can make use of.   The operating efficiency is also increased when solar cells are arranged in a proper manner. Silicon-made solar panels are commercially used.  Though polycrystalline solar panels are less expensive, the outcome is comparatively lesser than that of monocrystalline solar panels.  Solar panel modules are either fixed or adjustable.  In case of fixed solar panel mountings, they are permanently stationary where they are tilted once, according to the required latitude.   With the latter case, one can tilt the mountings more than twice according to the situation.  During winter, lower angle of sun is witnessed and hence it is tilted accordingly.

Requirement of solar radiation depends upon the number of solar panels we are fixing.   Batteries are connected to solar cells and it must be ensured that they are neither damaged nor overcharged. Excess charging of batteries may stop the conversion process.   Hence, the output of such solar panel modules is affected by operating temperature of cells.    Solar heat collectors are used for absorbing solar radiation from sun during daylight hours.   Proper orientation of solar panel mountings helps the solar thermal collectors to collect solar energy efficiently.



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