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The recession has many people pinching pennies these days that normally wouldn't even think twice about their budget. With the gas prices back on the rise and electricity bills getting out of control possibly as a way to get people to slow down their electricity usage, people are starting to feel it in their wallets. With a problem like this that is obviously felt nation wide, we need something like the DIY manual " Power Freedom" the guidebook to make a diy solar panel and windmill.  (cont.)

With this guide you can inexpensively build, a wind turbine or windmill and/or a diy home built solar panel that will give you the ability to literally funnel the power of the sun into your homes electrical outlets. When your sitting under that lamp you can think about how that power being poured into that bulb came from the sun! What building a diy solar panel does is generate free electricity. Thus your electric bill will become a thing of the past when you make a diy solar panel and/or a diy windmill to generate all of the electricity that you will need!

 Features:5 stars

  • How to get started to make a diy solar panel, and everything ou need to build your mini power plant
  • You will be shown what supplies you will need, where to get them, and how to put it all together.
  • Instructions so easy to follow a child could do it!
  • Blueprints to everything as well as how to get the most of your completed windmill or diy solar panel (or both) such as how to fine tuning them, for example how to position them in the sun/wind.
  • Solar/wind power theory, what makes these things work and comprehending how it all works
  • Information on how to generate enough power to get your power company to want to pay you for electricity not the other way around!
  • Explanation of the laws involved and how to stay "in the green" with your city permits and such.

 Usefulness: 4 stars

Many customers actually write in with success stories and amazement that it was so easy to do that they should have done it years ago. The beauty of this book is that it will not only pay for itself but it will also change your life!

 Customer Support: 4 stars

This company offers email support for this product if you get lost.

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Make Natural Power Suggests:

Make Natural Power
Overall Score:

4 stars

Make Natural Power (now called Power Freedom) has good features and a easy to use instructional manual, but it still does not have the depth of Blackout USA, which is the top pick. Like the rest of these programs it is worth the money, but comes in behind Blackout USA.

Make Natural Power
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Power Freedom

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