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Learn how to build your own solar panel and save the environment.  You will be contributing a lot to yourself and to society.  With climatic changes and environmental hazards threatening to erode the natural resources, people around the world are now worried and concerned about the same.   Pollution levels are high and the ozone layer is depleting, and depleting fast.  All this is a cause of concern for almost all the countries and a concerted effort is required to get out of this situation. This is where Solar Panels can make the difference.

A solar panel is a device that can be made in different forms, types and shapes. Solar Panel has the ability to store energy and we all know that solar energy comes from the sun and that the sun is the principal source of energy.   A solar panel has the ability to store solar energy; it has the ability to absorb sunrays and the insulation cover that is used in making a Solar Panel allows it to retain the energy absorbed. Therefore material that can absorb solar energy and those that can retain it for longer duration are used to make a solar panel.  Solar energy can be converted into electrical energy and the process is pollution free as well and Environmently friendly.   Since this energy can be stored we can use solar energy to run our offices and to light up our houses even when the sun is not visible.

Building a Solar Panel is easy for some and difficult for others.    You don’t need to be a scientist to build your own Solar Panel. You can understand and learn and then build own solar panel.   This is the most basic concept by which a Solar Panel can be made on your own. You will first need Solar cells, as per your requirement, these Solar cells are packaged together that forms a panel and these panels store solar energy.   The cells can be big or small; depending on your requirement you can select the cell size because small cells will produce less current where as bigger cells will produce more current.  Similarly bigger cells will cost you more than the smaller cells.   You now need a box were you will place or assemble these cells.   You also need to get a battery (a lead battery would do) according to your requirements and specifications (in case your Solar Panel is very big then you might require an inverter).   Place them in two separate boxes.  You now need a DC meter that matches your battery specifications and a DC input.  It is this DC meter that will convert your solar energy into electrical energy.   Now you need to attach the DC meter and DC input to the battery that is in the box.  It is advisable to use insulated wire when you are attaching the meter to the battery.

Your own Solar Panel is ready.  In order to use your Solar Panel you will have to keep at a place were sunlight comes in abundance.   Once absorption of solar energy starts taking place this energy will be converted into electrical energy and you will be able to use it for your house.  You can get rid of your hefty electrical bills because your house runs on solar energy and that comes to you for free.  A Solar Panel is a one-time investment (maintenance periodically is required) and hence you can enjoy the benefits attached to the Solar Panel for the longterm.  You on your part are doing the best to prevent the environment from getting polluted.



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