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It's easy to learn how to build solar panels, even if you have no prior knowledge or experience. If you have the skills and ability to use simple tools, such as a hammer, a tape measure, a drill and a soldering gun, you have already mastered most of the required carpentry skills. While there are some technical issues to consider, even these can be handled by most inexperienced lay-persons, with the right amount of help and direction. This easy to follow guide will answer fundamental questions about where to find, materials, resources and helpful information, to get you started building your own solar panels as soon as possible. Many of the below techniques are found at the home page BestHomemadeEnergy.


There are two options for building your own solar panels. The first is to purchase a kit, which comes with all of the supplies you need to assemble the panel, and usually includes the additional mounting and connecting products as well. These type of “build it yourself” kits are available at many retail out-lets, home stores and from on-line sellers and wholesalers. All in one kits of this nature will also include instructions, materials lists and other pertinent information about mounting, installation and standard maintenance. The down-side to these products is that they also come with a fairly high price tag, often  making it difficult for the average home-owner to afford them.

The second option is to learn about solar panels and build them on your own, without the help of a previously purchased kit. While this process may sound more difficult, it is actually the most cost effective way to bring solar energy into your home. Additionally, it is not as hard as you might think. With the right resources, the right materials and the right attitude, almost anyone can easily learn how to make solar panels.


Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to acquire a lot of expensive and technical materials to construct your own solar panels. For the majority of people, the most unfamiliar item in the materials list is the solar cell itself. Thankfully, you don't need to know how to build the cells from scratch, as both new and used varieties can easily be found on-line. The cost of the cells can vary, depending on the amount purchased, the wattage of the cell and whether you want to purchase new or previously owned specimens.  Do a search of on-line suppliers, compare options and prices, and select the one that works best for the project you are working on.

Technical Skills

The most difficult part of the job is soldering the cells together into modules. Since solar cells are often made of thin film layers, they are very delicate and prone to damage during the construction process. The best plan is to purchase a few extra cells, ensuring that you will have a back-up if one becomes unusable. Having extra cells also gives you a few to practice on, a good idea for helping you get the proper “feel” for working with them. Once you have a good sense of how to handle the solar cells, the rest of the job will go easily and smoothly.


The solar modules will need to be placed in-to a frame; a simple box form that can hold them together and protect them from the elements. This frame is, in essence, the panel support. If you have ever built a wooden box or even a picture frame with a simple back, you probably already have a good idea of the types of skills are needed for this part of the project.

Easy ways to Learn

There are a multitude of on-line resources that can explain in detail how to build a solar panel. As you search for resources, look for illustrations, clearly written instructions and complete materials lists. Opt for trusted resources, rather than those which come from “contributing writer's”, who often have little or no actual experience with the subjects they write about. Government web-sites, educational web-sites and those sites which are affiliated with reputable magazines or home-remodeling television broadcasts are good sources to go to for further information. Finally, video guides, which not only give you step-by-step instructions, but allow you to watch as someone else demonstrates how to easily make a solar panel, can be a great resource in your search to learn more.



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