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Install Solar Panels for Single Family Home Use

If you are the environmentally friendly type and have decided to install photovoltaic panels for the home, then you will have to do some preparations before you actually get the solar panels installed.

First and foremost, decide on how much energy you want the solar panels to generate for your home. You can make a fair estimate of your energy requirements by going through your electricity bill. Your electricity bill shows the electric consumption for the month. Arrive at a daily consumption figure, by dividing the consumption figure with the number of days in a month. This is your daily electricity requirement. If you are getting sun for 6 hours in a day, then the solar panels will need to generate energy equal to your daily requirement in 6 hours. Therefore, you need to divide your daily requirement by 6 and then multiply it by 1.15, to arrive at the wattage of your solar panels.

Next, you need to get your roof checked for its capacity, whether it can sustain the load of the solar panels as per your requirements. Based on the roof capacity, you will have to gather the information on the companies that are engaged in getting these panels installed. It is advisable to choose a reputed firm for hassle free transactions. Once you shortlist the firms, you can ask for quotations and specifications of the solar panels. Compare the specifications and the price and then finalize the deal with the company.

Before the technicians of the company come to install the solar panels for the home, you may be required to do some preparatory work, such as:

Identify the place on the roof which is exposed to maximum sunlight.
See that the particular site is not blocked by trees, cables etc.
The work of actually installing the solar panels will be done by the technicians. Check whether the solar panels are installed properly and check whether they are fully operational.

Once the solar panels are installed, it will require minimum maintenance. You need to take care of the following:

For the panels to work efficiently, clean the solar panels with soap and warm water at least once in a week.   This is necessary to clear dust and dirt that is accumulated through wind.

The average life expectancy of the solar panels is 30 years.   If you compare the average cost per annum for solar panels as against the benefits it offers, the benefits far outweigh its cost.  By using the panels, you are becoming self dependent for power supply.   The batteries in the panel stores the solar energy, so you can be assured of uninterrupted power supply, even in the event of a black out.  Secondly, you are benefiting the environment and the world at large by reducing carbon emissions.   Thus, you are contributing to a global cause by installing solar panels for home.  Moreover, you are getting the most pure form of energy and you are saving on the money that you would have otherwise paid to electricity companies.

You certainly can’t ask for more from the solar panels.



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