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How To Make Solar Panels, Secrets Revealed

Do you know How to make solar panels?  Solar panels came into existence when semiconductor design was adopted. So then how do you make a solar panel? Crystalline silicon is the main component used in making silicon made solar panel. Here, silicon is split into tiny disks where they are wired together to produce desired current flow. To channelize the flow of current, these disks are wired and a series of solar panels are used to improve the current flow. These tiny disks are first polished, and then dopants are added over every disk to make a complete solar panel.

Solar panels are secured by covering the solar cells by thin layer of glass. Cement is used to attach the solar panel to the substrate where the cement has the property to absorb solar radiation when the solar panels are exposed to sunlight. Entire heat energy absorbed by the solar panels has to be converted to electricity. If not, it may cause overheating of solar cells. Solar panel mountings are tilted in a desired position to receive more solar energy and they are elevated above the ground to cool the device by allowing air to flow.

Though crystalline silicon is widely used, amorphous silicon solar panels are also used because of their reduced material expenses. In crystalline silicon solar panels, when light energy strikes the solar cells, certain part of it is absorbed by the semiconductor where it makes the electrons loose and allows continuous flow of current. Multiple circuits are built in the case of amorphous silicon solar panels with the implementation of shadow opposing technology. Even when few cells are exposed to shade, all cells do not get damaged. They produce the desired output though.

The solar cells are made of thin sheets of copper. Since every solar panel comprises of solar cells, it is essential to make solar cells first. It is not only easy to make solar panels in house but also environmental friendly. It creates a clean environment. These solar panels work efficiently to convert the solar energy into electricity. Photons strike the top layer of the solar panel where the electrons in the top layer get loosened and start flowing in the form of current.

Solar panels can function only when sunlight is available but during night times, solar systems are connected to power grids to produce electricity. When solar panels are made in house, there is no necessity for the country to depend on foreign oil. It saves the surroundings as well. As the size of the cells in the solar panel varies, the output varies. The output gets reduced when the number of cells utilized is less. Efficiency of the output decreases when the tilting angle of the solar panel mount slightly changes. Hence, care must be taken to ensure that solar panel mounts are properly tilted and placed. Recent development in the industry is the manufacture of third generation solar panels where it produces increased electrical performance compared to that of second generation solar panels.



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