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Homemade Solar Panel:  Energy Storage

Making Homemade solar panels is a great asset to your home, not only can they provide you with cheap and efficient energy that saves you money every day on your bills and can help to power your whole household, including heating water, but they are good for the environment and can help reduce pollution and reduce your carbon footprint. Another bonus to having a homemade solar panel is that you can store excess energy to use at a later date- but how can you store solar energy?

To store extra solar energy, you will need heavy duty batteries to attach to the solar panel system so that they can collect and store your solar energy for when the clouds are showing and the sun is hiding. Unfortunately, these types of batteries which work best with solar panel systems can cost up to a massive $600, but there are ways to find these batteries cheaply, and even for free.

One of the best places that you can find out how to obtain free batteries for storing excess solar energy for use on a later date, is to purchase one of the many solar energy manuals that are available to buy on the internet, and one manual which reveals how to get batteries for your home energy system is, Earth4Energy which is a kit giving you all of the information you will ever need to know about homemade solar panels and energy. As well as step by step guides and illustrations on how to build solar panel systems and wind power systems as well as instructional videos which you can build along with and information on materials that you will need, Earth4Energy also reveals the secrets to finding free batteries for excess energy storage and more.

These tips are invaluable when it comes to running and building your homemade solar panel system, and once you know all of the insider secrets you will find that you will save hundreds and hundreds of dollars- as well as helping to decrease pollution.

Imagine if every household in America had a homemade solar panel system- more energy will be saved, there would be less pollution making way for a cleaner and greener America for the future- what better reason is there to invest in a homemade solar panel system? And if that isn’t reason enough for you, making your own power system is a great project for the whole family to get involved in- much better than watching re-runs on the television!



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