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Homemade Energy: Wind Power 

Learning how to make solar power is quite a new phenomenon which more and more people are utilizing to power their households. Not only is homemade energy a great idea for the environment by saving energy and cutting down on the use of non-renewable energy, but it can also save you a bucket full of money each month on your utility bills.

The most popular form of homemade power is the solar panel system which takes its energy from the heat of the sun through solar cells and powers electricity this way, but there is another homemade power system which is starting to become more popular with households and that is wind power.

You might have been driving past a field one day and spotted dozens of strange looking devices which slightly resemble windmills and these are called wind turbine farms. In a nutshell, wind power systems use the wind to generate power which helps to run electricity and does much the same thing as a solar panel does, except it needs wind to generate power instead of the sun.

You might be wondering what wind turbines have to do with you, they are industrious, cumbersome and rather unsightly- but now you can make your very own wind power system to help to power your household, without the huge bill they usually cost, as well as being scaled down to fit in with your back garden. Wind power systems are now becoming a popular source of homemade power and they can be a great back up when using solar panel systems on a cloudy day.

The first thing you need to do if you are interested in building your own wind power system is to do a little research and perhaps buy a manual which will show you how to build one, what materials you need etc and one manual which gives you this valuable information is Earth4Energy which is available to buy on the internet for a reasonable price. It will show you everything you need to know about building your own wind power system, and it will also give you tips on finding the materials and tools that you will need which all can be purchased from your local hardware store or even from the internet.

So, why should you use wind power to generate energy for your home? Well, for one thing they are really cheap to build with prices starting from around $50 and another reason is that it will help to reduce your energy bills and if you have a solar panel system, you will have a back up power system for your home so you will never have to worry about energy again.  



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