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  Powering your home is starting to cost a fortune these days just to maintain basic comfort levels. It seems that the price of electricity is steadily rising while the benefits we get from it stays the same, however were actually forced to use less due to the cost involved dipping into our family budgets. Did you know that you could generate your own power with a home solar system for less than one month's energy bill, and this power is completely renewable, in other words it can be used again and again without incurring any more costs.   It's true, not only can you generate all the power you need for your own home with a home solar system, and it is also possible to generate a surplus of power that the Power Company will buy back from you.(cont.)

This gives you the "power" to stop paying for an electric bill, and instead receive a check in its place!  Now available, brilliant new how to guide has come out that outlines how to make a home solar panel system. This intuitive instruction manual also includes designs on how to build wind-powered generators, which creates power from a homemade wind turbine. It even shows you where to get solar kits and wind kits that you can put together yourself at home for pennies on the dollar that may even out live you!

 Features5 stars

  • How to make a wind turbine for around $100
  • How to make a solar panel for around $200 and even as low as $100
  • Where to buy parts and how to find the lowest cost parts for the job
  • With your home solar system you can generate enough power yourself to actually make your electrical meter spin backwards resulting in the electric company paying you for electricity!
  • How to save money and help the environment!

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 Usefulness:4 stars

With our current state of technology there is no reason why everyone shouldn't have their own windmills and home solar system powering their home and generating money for the household, especially in this economy. Building this natural home solar system power generator is affordable on ANY budget, and is an investment in both your family income and a saving in the money you have to spend on bills. With this guide you can learn to earn money where you used to spend it! Yes building home solar systems using this manual is very easy, it is not quite as intuitive as earth 4 energy, but still very good.

 Customer Support: 4 stars

This product comes with standard email support from the author.


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Homemade Energy
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4 stars


This is a well put together manual second only to Earth 4 Energy. That said it does lack a bit in the customer service department although not by much. All things considered these instructions are all that you need to build a home solar system.

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