Make Solar Panels

Got a Solar Panel? Make Your Own
Using These Technical Tips

Need a solar panel? Make your own, it is really the best decision you can make. Why?  Well if you are pressed with your budget, and would like to cut down on your electricity bills, than making your own solar panels is the thing for you to do.

A solar panel is a device that would convert the heat and the light energy from the sun in to electricity.  Today I will discuss with you how you can build a solar panel of you own. You can also walk in to a Radio Shack and buy the same from there. What you find there at a Radio Shack would be a high efficiency solar cell, which is made out of highly processed silicon. In a vacuum environment, that only large scale production sites can afford, thus needless to say they are going to cost more.

Now what you need to find are some broken solar cells, which could be broken or crystalline cells, solder, soldering iron small screw driver, thin copper wire, alligator clips, deep picture frames, RTV Silicon Glue, Voltage doublers, Sticky Tapes. So once you have procured these then you are good to start off with the project.

Once you have the cells then you can try soldering the wire on to the cells note that the pieces are very fragile and you need to handle them delicately else they would break. You need to ensure when you solder the wires on the blue side of the cells and then the same wire should be extended on the rough side of the batteries as blue is the negative, and the grey side is the positive side of the cells. One piece of cell would produce 0.55 volts approx. You may go ahead and test this with a meter. Now the next step would be to keep adding cells to the panel with wires and with the sunshine on it, electricity would be produced. You may note down the ratio of cells required to make some substantial amount of power. Some 24 cells together would produce 12 volts of electric power.

Like I said before these cells are extremely fragile. So it would be a good idea to place them in a frame, which would protect the cells. Now if the voltage produced is not substantial then what you need to do is join the out put from these cells to the input of a voltage multiplier that would increase the voltage to double and then that would be good enough power for your use. In case you are looking for more power then you need to make bigger panels and then use the power multiplier to increase the voltage. This could be helpful and they could be good enough to light up rooms or make computers work. So now that you have the technical expertise just go ahead and build your own solar panel and start savings in power. I am sure there would be a one time cost but eventually it would break even and you would make profit from it.



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