Make Solar Panels

Going Green with a Solar Panel? Build Your Own

If you want a solar panel, build your own, it is not that hard and all that you have to do is to follow the simple steps outlined in this article.

There is growing awareness amongst the people all over the world regarding protecting the environment. “Go green” has become the catch phrase. By using energy from the solar panels for your home, you will be contributing in protecting the environment.

What do you need to make a solar panels?  Build Your Own by collecting some of the following components such as:

One solar panel –small in size, having approximately 16 volts,
One rechargeable battery, preferably a deep cell battery with approximately 12 volts
Battery Box
DC Input
DC meter with voltage equaling the battery voltage
Insulated wires
Drilling machine

How to Build Your Own Solar Panel?

First of all, you need to collect all the components listed above.  Most of the components are easily available at a local shop. The price of the panel would be $100 approximately.

Take the battery box. On the upper end of the battery box, you will need to drill holes to fix the DC meter as well as the DC output.
With the help of the insulated wire, you will need to connect the battery to the meter.
While attaching the battery and the meter, you need to be careful. Always begin with the negative input and later the positive one. Do not attempt to attach the wires simultaneously. It may cause accidents.
Once you are done with the meter and the battery, the next step would be to connect the battery with the DC input and the solar panel. Remember once again, to begin the negative input first.
Secure the lid of the battery box by tying it with a string.
Your home made solar panel is ready. You will need to keep the entire solar panel in your backyard, where it will get maximum sun rays. The solar panel will be charged in approximately 8 hours and will be sufficient to light your home.

You can attach an inverter with the battery, so as to convert the DC power in to AC power and run all your appliances with the help of solar panel generated energy.

So, you see, it is fairly easy to make your own solar panel. Constructing your own solar panel is a cheaper option too. The total expenditure will not exceed $300.

By building your own solar panel, you are saving your energy bills. Moreover, by using the solar panel you are becoming self reliant in energy generation and you will not have to rely on the power supply companies for your energy requirements. If you are running a small business, you can supply energy to your office too via solar panels. It gives us the purest form of energy as it is using natural sunlight.

Solar panel is your first step towards green environment. By building solar panel, you are helping in reducing the carbon gases released in the environment.

Thus, solar panels offer many advantages and it is high time that we build a one for ourselves.



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