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These days electricity is becoming incredibly expensive. Just turning on the heater or air conditioner to bring your home to a comfortable 70-72 degrees can end up costing you over $400.00 a month! Most people think that they have no choice other than to suffer and not pay that much money. On the other hand, most want to be comfortable but then have to pay the price for comfort. The truth however, is that there is a better way, a cheaper way where you can have your cake and eat it too. In fact you may even be able to get the electric company to pay you! When you buy “Free Energy Options” you will get a complete instruction manual on how to build solar panels for home use and also how to build wind turbine.   (cont.)

You will also learn how to utilize some great and inexpensive tools to make your DIY how to build solar panel kits and DIY how to build wind turbine kits to generate electricity to power your home, and possibly to even experience off grid living!

 Features4 stars

  • You will learn several techniques on how to build solar panel for home use. Yes you get blueprints for building a 200-watt solar panel with all the different possible configurations on powering your home from collected solar energy.
  • How to build a 1000 watt homemade wind generator to power your home.
  • How to make money from your electric company by not only generating more power than you will ever need from your devices, but by selling the excess electricity to the power company to power houses around you!
  • The legal information you need to know about free energy devices.
  • Where to find the best deals on materials so as to build solar panel or panels and/or a homemade wind generator and what you will need to build all the different devices.
  • Suggestions on how to save cash on home energy costs. If you follow the suggestions found in this guide it is possible that you can lower your total energy costs by as much as 30 percent!

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 Ease of Use: 5 stars

When you learn how to build solar panel or panels and wind generators, you can know the freedom of living off the grid and escape the power bill crisis, and become self sufficient. Now when you turn on that heat you can relax knowing it won't cost you! This easy to use guide will save you an incredible amount of money as well as peace of mind. In this economy this is a godsend, but it also helps the environment by reducing the load of electricity being used by the Power Company and is all natural and safe for the environment!

 Customer Support: 4 stars

You can contact Alan Hopkins personally about this guide after your purchase. You can do this via email support.

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