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If you want to reduce your energy bill by 80% to 100%, then see what Earth4Energy offers.  Earth4Energy is the industry leader in Homemade Energy solutions.  Whether you want to build solar panels or homemade wind turbines, Earth4Energy has been the choice for many years!  Imagine being to build a solar panel for as low as $200 and in many cases as low as even around $100!  It is no longer a matter of money.  You can learn how to build solar panel systems and a wind turbine for a very low price. In my research I was able to find testimonials of very satisfied customers.  So if you are at all serious about helping the environment and eliminating your energy bill then this is the real world solution for you.       

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  Features5 stars

  • Complete and detailed instructions that walk even the most unskilled through building a home made solar panel.
  • Details on how to obtain home made solar components from your neighborhood hardware store.
  • Full instructions on how to build solar panel systems.
  • Complete detailed instructions on constructing your own windmill.
  • Construction tips on alternative energy generation systems that are hard to come by.
  • Reveals sources of where you can purchase specialized batteries for storing the energy that you generate from your solar power generation.
  • One time fee includes updates for life to the manual and video series, at no further charge.
  • Full eight week refund period if you discover that you are not saving hundreds of dollars per month on your energy bill!
  • Detailed DIY (Do It Yourself) videos!  (This is the clincher for me)

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Review/Tour of Earth4Energy


 Usefulness: 5 stars

Within a very short time you will be making free energy with your homemade solar and or wind turbine system. All of this for the cost of just cents on the dollar!   You will be receiving a DIY solar kit and DIY wind turbine kit. These instructional videos and manuals are easy to follow so that even a novice will be able to understand and get right to work! 

They also have a history of excited customers who have built the devices and have saved a ton of money in the process.  Most cannot believe how easy it was. Additionally, many of these testimonials state that they actually earned far beyond saving 100% off of their electric bill so that they could use the extra money for things like paying for other bills like higher gas prices for their car!


  Customer Support: 5 stars

When you sign up you will receive free updates for the life of the program! Earth4Energy also has a homemade solar FAQ section. Additionally, Earth 4 Energy has an official member’s area, and the founder Michael Harvey will promptly answer your email. Now that’s customer service

Actual Customer Feedback

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Our Research on
Earth4Energy Suggests:

Earth 4 Energy
Overall Score:

5 stars
5.00 Stars

Earth4Energy is the best do it yourself home made solar and home made wind instructional manual that you will find. Of great note is that Earth4Energy has great how to build solar panel and windmill videos (Updated for 2011) and lifetime updates, which has made it the hands down favorite for all of you do it yourself enthusiasts.  So in conclusion, from the customer support to the DIY solar and DIY wind videos, as well as the easy to follow instruction manual, Earth4Energy is clearly and easily our top choice!

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